Who Needs Google When You Have a Husband to Annoy?

passive agressive textarguing

Monday: I don’t remember what we had for dinner, he grabbed us something on the way home Tuesday: I made pizza and cheese sticks Wednesday: Jamie grabbed some State and Main on the way home Thursday: Costco chicken fingers + fries Friday: Fried Chicken, asparagus ‘fries’ and little double stuffed potatos Two out of five. That’s…

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Summer To Do List: Color Me Rad #yeg (Now Radder)

Color Me Rad 2015 Edmonton

Last year my colored skin and clothes were the envy of a certain five year old who wasn’t invited to come along for Color Me Rad with a group of friends. This year, after making me promise to bring her along, I signed her up for our team of friends, along with us, where she will…

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