10 Things on a Friday 7/25 – Discounts on Near Expired Hedgehogs, Cancelled Birthdays & Playing Explicit Music to Religious Doorknockers


  1/ After watching the tiny hedgehog birthday video – I decided we needed a hedgehog. For the kids. Of course, I started searching on Kijiji immediately and saw an ad for a four year old hedgehog. Curious about how long they live, I googled it and got an average of five years. Me: Do… 

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Where Are All the Freakin’ Spoons?


Eighteen months ago I bought bright, shiny new flatware. Two sets to be exact. In the last couple of months I’ve noticed it to be harder and harder to have to find the small spoons in the set. So much so, that I was scolding Violet for using her fingers to eat yogurt the other… 

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