Anna + Elsa Styling Heads at Costco #yeg

Anna Elsa  Styling Heads at Costco Frugal Edmonton Mama

Anna and Elsa Styling heads are at Costco. These would make a fantastic addition to the little Disney Frozen Fan’s wishlist this season, but you’re going to have to shop fast. When we stopped by, they were nearly sold out of Elsa heads in Sherwood Park (there were still quite a few left at Costco…

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#MeanMom – Letting Kid Miss Tie Dye Day to Teach Her a Lesson

The Toothbrushing Rebellion and Being a Mean Mom

Twenty minutes. That’s the average time lately to convince one five year old that she needs to brush her teeth. Five types of toothpaste, from Toms To Disney Princess, that’s how many toothpastes are sitting on our counter. 100%, that’s the amount of percentage Olivia feels like Medieval torture is similar to us making her…

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A Typical Monday in Pictures

photo 5

I’m convinced that winter break was designed to throw a wrench in your schedule, to reset all of the work that you’ve done to get on track and on schedule, since the first week of school. It took no less than twelve minutes and an iPad taken away until Wednesday to convince Olivia to brush her…

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Three Hair Splurges For Your Holiday Wishlist


Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo. You know how sometimes you need a good ‘clean’ from the products you’re using in your hair all week long? This is one of my favorite ways to do that. $25.50 shampoo is not something that I’m going to purchase often, but since it’s being used once a week, it…

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New Toys at Costco for Christmas in November 2014 #yeg


We’ve officially finished shopping for the girls. I purchased the last few in-store gifts last night, the Magic Clip Disney Princesses including Anna and Elsa ($29.99) and the Alex Hair Chalk Set for Olivia and the Horse for Violet’s big Santa gift ($79). Both things I know they’re going to love, the Magic Clip dolls especially…

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