Dear Kindergarten Teacher – Please, Take My Kid I Need a Break


Anyone who has spent five minutes with Olivia has witnessed this bundle of energy in action. She’s here, she’s there, she’s in your face, she’s asking you for the seventeenth time to stop what you’re doing and play her current favorite game, Monopoly. She’s creative. She’s loud. She’s assertive, she’s hilarious, she’s empathetic – and… 

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Safeway: Get 50% off of Huggies (Until 8/21)

Huggies Coupon Safeway

Stocking up on diapers before you even start trying for another baby means that you’re going to have a diaper stockpile that’s not going to leave you running out of the house with a bunch of kids, grabbing diapers. Or even worse, running out. Using sales and coupons, it’s easy to get the price below… 

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