Five Guilt Free Summer Snacks

Cheecha Puffs Sea Salted Caramel

During the summer, when we’re constantly on the go – the snacking becomes even more important. If you’re searching for something to snack on, without the guilt (or to offset the after-dinner wine with friends that happens a lot during the summer months). We’re snacking more often, on healthy foods and eating smaller meals – which is apparently a trend with Canadians. By 2018, the… Read More »

Bootlegger Haul + Sale: 8 Sweaters/Tees for $60

Bootlegger Sale

I used to have this problem. A problem where I thought I needed dresses, business casual clothes and other more business than casual. I think I forgot that I stayed home with the kids and my favorite pair of jean shorts have more holes in them than actual denim. I forgot I needed casual clothes. Plus, the stuff at Ricki’s was always a bit more… Read More »

One Minute Dark Chocolate Mug Cake For Two

Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

A late night craving for something sweet, almost, almost left us leaving the house to grab something delectable, dark and delicious. Nearly ten o’clock, though, neither of us were dressed or wanted to leave. We could make brownies, but that would take almost an hour, Jamie suggested. I wanted to make milkshakes, but we didn’t have any vanilla ice cream. I got up, went to… Read More »

Shop: Personalized Towels + Backpacks for Summer Adventure

Stuck on You Personalized Backpack

Road trips. Beach trips. Day trips. Whatever the trip you’re taking, it can get complicated when you’re packing for kids. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a running checklist in your head of the things that you’re going to need for the trip, and you’ve forgotten essential items (like swimsuits) at least once. Whether you’re packing for the weekend, or packing for a day… Read More »

What to Binge Watch Right Now – Round 4

What to Watch on  Netflix, The Slap

It’s that time again – the time that I’m talking about what to binge watch on Netflix. This month, I’m talking the messed-up family edition. You know, the behind the closed doors drama that makes you uncomfortable just thinking about it. This is the month that also marks the ‘getting rid of cable for the summer’ so I can assume that over the next few… Read More »