How to Find Cheap Kids Books on Amazon

How to Shop for Cheap Kids Books on Amazon

The books above, and the toothpaste? Just over $25 from our most recent Amazon order. I don’t think it’s possible to spoil children by giving them too many books. Costco, book fairs and Amazon are the top three places that I buy books for the children and I usually find at least six or seven…

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Hurry! Get $30 to Spend at the Body Shop for $15

The body Shop

Holiday shopping is coming, and whether you’re shopping for something new to add to your holiday sparkle cosmetics collection or you’re shopping for someone special, and looking for a way to reduce the costs of holiday shopping, check out the $30 groupon for the Body Shop for only $15. Get the Body Shop Groupon

Roasted Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Dip

Baked Brussels Sprouts Dip with Cheese

We’ve had a bag of brussels sprouts sitting in the fridge for the last couple of weeks. I’ve served them with bacon as a side for dinner, and they did not go over well with 2/4 people in the family. Olivia, surprisingly, ate devoured them. Before throwing the rest of them in the freezer with…

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Mall-o-ween? More Like ‘Lame-o-Ween’

Say no to Malloween

This year we’re going to be shopping for two costumes. Unlike Olivia’s first choice of costume, her second choice is going to have to fit over a winter jacket because it gets cold on Halloween night, and we don’t do Mall-o-ween.  What’s Mall-o-ween? It’s a lame-excuse for parents to get out of trudging through their neighborhood,…

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Why I Shop Online for Toothpaste (And As Much as I Can)


Do you ever feel like you’re running around, with an endless list of places to stop, things to grab and yet another thing to cross off of your to-do list? Yeah. We used to feel that way too – until we realized something. Why aren’t we ordering more things online? Why aren’t we ordering things like toothpaste,…

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Make Homemade Organic Butter in Ten Minutes


The changes that we’ve made over the past year have increased the amount of butter that we’ve been using. From making things like homemade cookies or cornbread a few times a month, and switching to real butter, we’ve definitely seen an increase that comes with consuming real food.  Have you looked at the cost of organic…

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My Parenting Style? Save the Drama for Your Mama

Parenting Style - Save the Drama for Your Mama

If you were to describe the parenting style we’ve adapted, you could do it in six words. Save the drama for your mama. With each other, with the kids, and within the different situations we’ve experienced, we’ve learned that we’re laid back. We let the kids solve problems on their own, we teach them to…

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Five Tips for Styling a Kid Friendly Home


If you’re looking to stamp your own style on the blank canvas that is your house, then there are a few surefire tips to ensure your end result is sleek, stylish and, above all, livable. These days DIY and home decorating are all the rage and it’s never been more affordable, accessible or inspired. So…

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