My Biggest Parenting Struggle: Lamps


Parenting struggles. Everyone has them. Whether the kids just don’t seem to hear you, or you struggle with bedtime – they’re there. Mine comes in the forms of lamps. Yes, you read that right. Lamps. In the past six months I’ve replaced the lamp in Olivia’s room four times. Four times. Each time ‘something’ happens to the lamp, whether a toy gets dropped on it,… Read More »

Free Glasses for Kindergarten Kids with Eye See… Eye Learn

Lendrum Eyecare 2014 Kids Eye Doctor Edmonton

For parents, Kindergarten is a shock to the wallet. It’s the first year you have school fees, school supplies, clothes and shoes to replace for growth spurts, bus fees, activity fees – and the list goes on. Though the costs accumulate, the information that Olivia comes home with on a daily basis is invaluable. Full of new facts, interested in new concepts and things she’s… Read More »

What To Do With Toddlers on Rainy Days

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

I’ve had two types of toddlers in this house. Toddlers that are content to sit down beside me while I get things done, help occasionally but play for the most part, and toddlers that need constant amusing or direction, no matter how much we modeled and focused on the ability to play independently from time to time. Over time, we’ve found some of the most… Read More »

24 Simple + Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

The days go slow, but the years go fast. No truer words have ever been spoken about childhood. To slow down time, we try to focus on experiencing as much as we can together, and spending less time on the non-fun stuff and more things on the ‘real’ fun stuff, the stuff that’s going to create the memories – like mother daughter dates. On days… Read More »

5 Favorite Places I’m Shopping Online


Shopping online. The products come to you. You can shop in your pajamas. You don’t have to bring the kids with you. Also? You can use promotions and deals to get prices that are often lower than what you’ll find in the store. Those are a few of the reasons that shopping online is something I usually prefer to going to the store. Shopping online,… Read More »