Camping Parenting vs. At Home Parenting

Camping Parenting

Last week I was reading some rant in one of the Moms groups that I follow, about how when parents are camping they let their kids run wild and free, without the boundaries that come in the city – and it made me laugh, because I wondered if we were in the same campground the weekend before and my kids were invading her ‘family time’ by… Read More »

Explore Alberta – Win an RV for a Week!

Keystone Cougar 31SQB

It’s camping season – and this year, we’re going to hit up as many campgrounds as we can during the summer months. Campgrounds in Jasper National Park, at Rocky Mountain House, in Waterton, Dinosaur Park and some closer to home, with all of the amenities that make getting out of the city for the weekend easy (and quick). Usually, you’ll find us in a tent…. Read More »

The Time I Thought I Could Do Summer without Netflix

Putting Netflix on Hold for the Summer - bad parenting moves

There was this time a few weeks ago, when I cancelled cable or the summer – That’s one’s easy, right? Getting rid of cable is child’s play, after all – we do it every year as soon as the warm weather hits. This year, I got a little cocky. Let’s take it one step further. I decided that I was going to cancel Netflix too. It… Read More »

Five Easy Styles for Summer from Belle + Bliss

Belle + Bliss Edmonton

There are a few of those summer basics that I reach for over and over – the softest tees and tanks, those shorts that fit perfectly, those easy dresses that mean one piece of clothing and you’re finished. I bet you’ve got the pieces you reach for too – and we wanted to share a few pieces that will be your new favourites. Need some summer style… Read More »

5 Baby Items that are Worth the Splurge

Baby Items Worth the Splurge

Finding the best baby items, on a budget – is something that I’ve become adept at. Choosing the hundred dollar bassinet at a quarter of the price of the designer one, and shopping for clothes a season ahead makes raising a baby less expensive– but there are certain things, a handful of things, I’ll splurge on. Some of our favourite splurge worthy baby items: Maxi… Read More »

Make This: 3-Ingredient, Delicious ‘Dunkaroo Dip’

Dunkaroo Dip

Remember Dunkaroos? To me, they bring back memories of lunch – like those awesome so-dalicious candies that were lunchbox staples when we were a kid. Though they’re something that I don’t usually buy for the kids for lunch, it’s something that we make once in a while after having it at a potluck barbeque, made by a friend who always makes the most delicious, pinterest-worthy creations.  3-Ingredient… Read More »

Find Summer Camps in Your Neighbourhood with MyRecGuide


Keeping kids entertained during the summer can mean a lot of things – for us, it includes a mix of day trips, of ‘free time’ playing with friends, and summer camp. City of Edmonton summer Daycamps are high-quality, educational and fun experiences for children in Edmonton – and the best part? There are hundreds of camps available for local children and youth. Available for children… Read More »

How to Make a Kids Backyard Performing Stage

How to Build a Kids Performing Stage for the Backyard

This weekend we set out to build a sand box for the kids, in a quest to make the back yard more of a destination for fun through the summer months. Quickly realizing that we were going to build something, the kids threw around ideas for an alternative to a sandbox, and settled on a lemonade stand or a performing stage. Laying in bed, we… Read More »

Currently: Labelling Everything for Summer Camp

Labelling Belongings for Summer Camp

This summer, I’ve planned a week of child-free days where I can to soak up the sun while I eat gelato and spend hours catching up on work at Starbucks, instead of an indoor playground. You got it – it’s camp season. Olivia’s off for her first sleepaway camp, and Violet’s spending a week learning skills that are going to help her if she ever… Read More »

How to Stop Wasting Your Money on Take-Out


Take-out. It’s one of those things that we’ve struggled with, since having kids. Before the kids were born, I remember leisurely making dinner when Jamie arrived home from work, together, with a bottle of wine and a mutual love of creating something delicious for dinner. Then, came the kids. The newfound busy-ness in our lives that put making dinner on the back burner, so to… Read More »

Explore Woodlands County This Summer and Win

Hard Luck Canyon Whitecourt Contest

This summer, you can explore Woodlands County and win. Easily one of our favourite spots for day trips, the kids love spending time at Blue Ridge Recreation Area, Hard Luck Canyon, creating an epic day trip itinerary that includes biking, kid-friendly hiking and fun tubing down the river slides. Families that want to come and experience everything that Whitecourt has to offer through the summer months… Read More »