Make Homemade Organic Butter in Ten Minutes


The changes that we’ve made over the past year have increased the amount of butter that we’ve been using. From making things like homemade cookies or cornbread a few times a month, and switching to real butter, we’ve definitely seen an increase that comes with consuming real food.  Have you looked at the cost of organic…

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My Parenting Style? Save the Drama for Your Mama

Parenting Style - Save the Drama for Your Mama

If you were to describe the parenting style we’ve adapted, you could do it in six words. Save the drama for your mama. With each other, with the kids, and within the different situations we’ve experienced, we’ve learned that we’re laid back. We let the kids solve problems on their own, we teach them to…

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Five Tips for Styling a Kid Friendly Home


If you’re looking to stamp your own style on the blank canvas that is your house, then there are a few surefire tips to ensure your end result is sleek, stylish and, above all, livable. These days DIY and home decorating are all the rage and it’s never been more affordable, accessible or inspired. So…

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What Happened When We Took Away the Backyard Toys

Toy Free Backyard (1)

“Um, Did you know that Olivia is outside balancing wood on the chairs to walk on?” – Jen “Brilliant! Finally!” – Me Cue the sideways glance. This was a recent conversation I had with a babysitter as I was on my way out to a doctor’s appointment. After eighteen months of hearing nothing but ‘I’m bored’…

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Monday Dinner Deal at Safeway 10/20

Monday Safeway Twitter Deal

On the menu last week was a yummy recipe that I pulled from the pages of the latest issue of the Food Network magazine, perogies with broccoli and ham. We skipped it last week since we were craving something a little different, so it’s been moved to this week. I like to stash perogies in…

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SHOP! Target: Kids Bedding Clearance (70% off) #yeg

Target-bedding-clearance (2)

If you are in the market for some children’s bedding, you can head to Target and take advantage of the fantastic deals in-store. The children’s bedding line, Circo, has been spotted at multiple Target locations in and around the city, for upwards of 70% off of the regular price. For us, it was perfect timing,…

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