Day 5 of #12DaysofChristmas Gingerbread Trains are F-U…

Gingerbread Train

Is there anyone out there that things assembling a Gingerbread house is fun? You’ve got all the hands in there trying to stick on candies and doors, when really, you’re just trying to make it so that the walls don’t fall down. Me: Jamie, Smile! Gingerbread houses are supposed to be F-U-N (spelling it so…

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Five Family Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix Canada

Five Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

There’s lots to watch on television through the Christmas season, but if you ditched the cable, there’s still lots to see! Netflix has some fantastic holiday programming to get you through movie nights, and gingerbread house decorating that comes with the holidays. Here are a few of our top choices when you’re searching for something to…

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You Guys. I’m Not Sorry I’m Not Cheap.

Not Cheap. Not Sorry

There was a time when Jamie and were just young kids of 25. When we decided that we wanted to avoid paying full price, but we never wanted to sacrifice on the things that we wanted, the splurges, the high quality kids clothes that happen to be brand name, the high quality stuff for ourselves, expensive…

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You Make it – Kelloggs Gives It #treatsfortoys

Treats for Toys Building Blocks and Dinosaurs

There is just a week left to take advantage of the Toys for Treats program at Get our your tried and true Rice Krispie treats recipe, craft a toy with the kids, and help to give to a child in need this holiday season. When we’re teaching small children to give back, it’s important to…

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Day 3 of #12DaysofChristmas – Letters to Santa


Writing letters to Santa is one of those things that we’re frequently late for – too late to get the generic response back from Santa. So usually, I’ll just grab a template off of Etsy and mail it to the kids myself, because the letters are fantastic and I can easily print them from home…

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Day 2 of #12DaysofChristmas: Decorate Sugar Cookies

Best Sugar Cookie Icing

My favorite kid-friendly recipe for icing is easily spread on to the cookie with a popsicle stick, and is very forgiving as it quickly settles flat on the surface of the cookie, allows the kids to easily stick decorations and sprinkles to the cookie and can be easily changed up for different flavors, or colors,…

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You Haven’t Seen the Nutcracker Until You’ve Seen it Through a Five Year Old’s Eyes #12DaysofChristmas


When you talk Holiday traditions, there’s the presents, the celebrations and the coming together – but this year, we started something new. This evening, I took Olivia to the premiere of the Nutcracker, presented by Alberta Ballet. From the opening scene Olivia was wide-eyed, filled with wonder (and 900 questions), completely enthralled with the show. Her…

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Kingsway Mall: Late Night Shop Right 12/12

Kingsway Late Night Shop Right

There’s a key to getting things done when you’re Christmas shopping – and that’s don’t bring the kids. Kingsway Mall knows that – and wants to help you finish your holiday shopping with their Late Night Shop Right night at Kingsway Mall on December 12. One of my favorite times to shop, late night shopping…

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