10 Fun ‘Experience’ Holiday Gifts For Kids in Edmonton #yeg

Experience Gifts for Kids in Edmonton

Our kids have multiple christmas celebrations, and get kind of spoiled during the holidays. They’ve got a Mom that makes sure the wow happens, and a loving Dad that goes along with it. For that reason, when it comes to relative and grandparents gifts, we’re always giving them non-toy options. Here are some great gift ideas for…

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Kinder Surprise + Unboxing Video Fanatics

Kinder Surprise KinderMom

When you run into the store to ‘grab a few things’ with kids you’re going to have to succomb to the fact that it’s going to take you exactly fifteen minutes longer than you planned to be in the store. You’re going to have to point out the letters on the box of Larabars you’re…

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Softest Chocolate Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

Soft Chocolate Ice Cream Play Dough

You know those days when it’s just too cold to go outside? Those are the days when I have ideas like these stashed away, with a simple container of spoons and cups that we picked up in the paper aisle for only four bucks. Chocolate play dough is a fun way to create those delicious…

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Goodbye Summer… You Were Good to Us

Winter Mantle

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to (shop) and change up the decorations on the mantle on the main floor of our open concept designed house. I keep it simple, and create some crafts if I have time, or hit up a Target sale like I did this…

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Skip the Toys – Donate to The Kids RESP #RESPwithRBC


Three birthday celebrations. Easter. Two Christmas celebrations. Valentine’s Day. Just-because-I-love-you-gifts. There are a lot of times every single year that our kids receive gifts from their grandparents – and that means that we get a lot of stuff coming into our house. With the amount of stuff coming in, I knew we had to come up…

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