Vacation Planning: Kids Under Two Fly Free (Lap) – Now, All We Need to do Is Choose a Resort


Violet is going be two next spring. The magic age when flying is no longer free and they’re going to start charging us for our family vacations. She flies for free, on our lap, so it would make sense to go somewhere that we’re going to be able to enjoy every minute, right?

The first year we went on an all inclusive vacation with Olivia I was certain that I was going to hate it. A vacation wasn’t just sitting on a beach, a vacation was exploring. A vacation should be renting a car and driving around the islands of Hawaii. That was a vacation. This all inclusive vacation thing was going to be so lame.

Until, I loved it.

Loved the idea of room service while the kids are napping, love the idea of walk out to the beach in minutes and the idea of spending days alternating between the beach and the pool. I loved the shopping in local markets and the fact that I wouldn’t have to cook anything for an entire week. I loved the slushie drinks, down time, a la carte restaurant date nights and the convenience of an all inclusive vacation that came with traveling with kids. I love the fact that we didn’t pull out our debit/credit card for the entire week we were there.

So, we’re doing it again.

Now the decisions come. How do you choose where you’re going to go? Should we go to Mexico, where we are familiar with or look for golf vacations dominican republic so Jamie can hit the golf course a couple of times during the week? The property needs to be family friendly, four to four ½ star minimum, kids club, lots of activities and great pools and beach areas. Oh, and the food, the food needs to be great.

How do you choose your vacation destinations with kids?


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    We really like Palladium resorts! Married at the one in the Mayan, and honeymoon at the one in Punta Cana! No complaints, lots of a la cartes and different buffets. The resorts are fairly big, so there’s lots to see and do right there! The ocean water in the Mayan is probably more kid friendly, we found it to be calmer there. Check out for lots of info on this chain of resorts :)

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    You might want to double check the ‘kids fly free’ thing. When we fly with our children internationally we learned that they only fly free within North America. We had to pay 20% of the adult price for each child and they still didn’t get a seat or any food.

    Also, because there are only so many air masks in each row we had to sit apart for most of our travels (we had two children under 2). Good questions to ask the airline you choose before booking.

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    The Bahia Principe resorts are amazing. My son keeps asking to go back so he can go to the kids club. I think they have to be 4 though to go alone (you’d have to check). Great food and service, huge resort with all kinds of things – several pools, markets, etc. The beach is a tram ride away if you stay at the farthest (nicest in my opinion) section of Coba but Tulum is right on the beach. There is also a golf course at the newest part (across the street) that I’m sure Jaime could enjoy. We went 2 years in a row because it was nice to go someplace we didn’t have to think about anything. They offer lots of tours as well or even cab/bus rides into Cancun to go shopping, etc.

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    You should write a post about westjet and sunwing vacations having “kids stay play and eat for free”. They also have a single paret supplement…which means if you are a single can have 2 kids stay play and eat for free (just pay flights) for selected destinations!! Most hotels have free kids club 9am to 9pm too!!

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    We went here when my daughter was 18 months and thought to was good for kids. They have a lazy river and a wave pool, plus it’s huge so there’s lots of exploring to do if you don’t want to leave the resort. They had a nice little shopping complex too. Just make sure you stay in the Lindo though. There are four resorts altogether in one, and that was the newest nicest one. You also get a few perks people in the other three dont get, like a separate restaurant for breakfast.

    This year we stayed at the Now Jade near Cancun which is probably the nicest resort we’ve been to. Food was really great there but I don’t think there was as much for the under two crowd. Great for 4 plus though.

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    I love all inclusives with kids.i’ve found that choosing the sister (family) resort of the adult only resorts we’ve previously enjoyed is a good way to go. We loved the food and service at the Secrets resorts in the Mayan Riviera, and since Edmonton flies direct to Cancun, I chose the Dreams Riviera Cancun this past December and it was great. If there is a kids club and you plan on using it, read the reviews on it on tripadvisor as they aren’t all created equal. Also room service included is wonderful for a break from the heat in the afternoon if you get a warm week. I wouldn’t go anywhere without the room service. :)

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    Hi! Have you tried a Club Med?
    There are 3 resorts that would suit your needs for kids under 4… Sandpiper, Punta Cana and Ixtapa until this summer (2014) Cancun doesn’t have care for kids under the age of 4, but if you are planning on going next summer they are building family friendly suites in Cancun and they will have childcare available for kids ages 2-17. thanks! Nathalie

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