We Love Your Eyes is a new contest from Licensed Optician of Canada that gives you the chance to win big – starting today. What is a licensed Optician? They’re working to ensure that you get the right measurements, the right lenses and that you’re on the right track to eye health.  Working with a licensed optician gets you the best possible vision care – and that’s the reason it’s important to make the visit. Starting to think about back to school eye health? Find a Licensed Optician.

How do you win?

Answer the daily questions on vision care. Every question you answer garners you an entry into the current and all the following week’s prize draws. Answer as many questions as you can to increase your chances of winning! Multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false and picture puzzles give you multiple chances to enter and win. ,

Enter the We Love Your Eyes contest

Eyes on the Prize

  • iPad mini
  • 50″ LED 1080P HDTV
  • Macbook Air 11″
  • Designer sunglasses & shopping spree
  • $3,000 President’s Choice Shopping Spree

Have You Booked an Eye Appointment?

Annual appointments seem to find their way onto the list of things that I’m likely to forget about. When it comes to appointments like optical exams, and yearly check-ups for the kids, I schedule them for a time that I’m going to remember – around back to school. Have you booked your eye exams for your kids? New recommendations suggest booking the first appointment at one year old and the children’s eye appointment costs are covered under Alberta Health Care.

While you’re there, you might just be able to learn a couple of things that can help to get you an extra ballot in the We Love Your Eyes Contest.

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