Make An Easy Spring Colorful Burlap Wreath

Spring Wreath with Burlap

There’s been a glittery gold and bronze wreath on our front door since before the holidays. This week, inspired by some of the wreaths friends were creating, and pinterest, we made the trip to Michaels to get the supplies for our own creation. Burlap Spring Wreath    You’ll need: a hot glue gun, a wreath form, 5″ wide roll of burlap, flowers or bow to… Read More »

Why you should consider insurance when planning your renovations (even if you’re the Property Brothers)


Tip: Share this story friends and family that are thinking of renovating their home. If you’re anything like me, when the nicer weather rolls around, you’re ready to refresh your home. After months of winter weather, once the temperatures start rising, I’m ready to clean up, clear out and donate old toys, clothes, etc. and generally do a refresh around our home. This typically includes… Read More »

My Favorite People to Follow on Instagram

Instagram KiwiandBean

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. It’s where I’m sharing the everyday, some of the delicious food that we’re making, those moments captured as the kids grow before my eyes and it’s where I find inspiration for things like painting our letter magnets that hang on the fridge gold, or try a new recipe (you know, something that the kids are going to eat). You can… Read More »

Saving More than I Spent with #RMNChallenge


When I opened up an email last week that invited me to take part in a shopping challenge, I was intrigued – that right there? It’s my jam. The lowdown of the challenge is to use to see who can save the most using the promotions on the popular online coupon code website. My first step? Check my ongoing list of things that need to… Read More »

On Binge Watching + Lies You Tell Your Kids


I’ve got this memory of when I was younger, of being sure that our mother could tell when we were lying. It resulted in white lies being told with hands behind your back, because if you were lying, blue spots appeared on your hands. Honesty is one of our paramounts of parenting. Make a mistake? Own it. Did something you weren’t supposed, tell me about… Read More »