Simple Custom Father’s Day Gift Idea

Kulapix Sale

When it comes to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, we’re usually more of a ‘hey, this is your permission to splurge on something that you might not normally buy, like a $100 piece of coral’. We haven’t done formal gifts since the kids were born, but a little surprise is nice every now and then, right? Kulapix has a 50% off sale on the entire store… Read More »

Breathe Right Sleepwise – For the Snorers in Your Life


Snoring is one of those things high on my list of sounds that slowly make me crazy. I’m usually a heavy sleeper but between a spring cold, air conditioning and deep sleep – Monday night was one of those nights that I was kept up late into the night by snoring. Not believing me until I convinced him with my feet (because that’s obviously the… Read More »

45 Second Eggs – Easy Kids Breakfast Hack

45 seconds Eggs for Quick kids Breakfast

Violet slept in this morning until nearly eleven. I crossed off a third of my to do list for the day, but she woke up starving and immediately wanted eggs. She was bordering on the crazy-hanger, so I grabbed the blueberries, some strawberries, popped the toast in the toaster and grabbed the eggs from the fridge. Then, noticing the ramekins from last night’s late night… Read More »

Nerf Rebelle Tri Threat – Mud Fights Since 2015

Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker

Spring isn’t spring without a mud fight right? Last year, we had a pool in the back yard. This year, it’s blessed us with some mud, covered in grass seed for the kids to play in. Next year, when we’re thinking about moving, we’ll fix it with some sod and make it pretty – but for now, since the pool is going to go right… Read More »

Not My Finest Day… Until I Discovered This


Three nights in a row we’ve stayed up late. Late like 1am late. Not because we’re super exciting and we’ve been going out on the town – no. More like, watching the movies on the movie channel before we ditch cable for the summer and eat leftover thai food while I catch up on work and Jamie plays Ps4 – see? Exciting lives we lead…. Read More »