Six-Year-Old Bucket List: Meeting Selena Gomez in Concert

Selena Gomez Revival Tour Edmonton

A few weeks ago, I got an email that immediately made me squee! with the excitement of being able to share the opportunity with Olivia – we were going to have the opportunity to attend the Selena Gomez revival tour, compliments of Pantene, and attend a meet and greet with one of Olivia’s favourite-favourite singers. Looking at the dates, they conflicted with an event I had signed up… Read More »

Parenting: Handling the Hard Days

On the Hard Days

Today was the Monday-est, Tuesday ever. Long weekends tend to do that, I know, but today – today was one of the hard days. The laundry needed to be done (and much needed to be put away), the house needed to be tidied and hours and hours of work and drafts needed to be approved. Violet cut herself with a spoon, somehow, eating gelato. I jumped… Read More »

The One Where We Argue About the Croutons (again)

Oven Seasoned Croutons

Daily, I recount how hashtag #blessed I am to have found the person that I was meant to be with. The incredible dad, the biggest fan, the best supporter, the one with the exact same sense of humor – and the list could go on and on. Aside from the irrational arguments that occur when I’m hangry, or being irrational pregnant ranting, about my loathing… Read More »

Things We Heart: Zara Spring/Summer Tees

Zara Spring Summer Girls 2016

When I’m shopping for the basics for the kids, I’ve got a handful of places that I go first – for tees and tanks, it’s always Zara. With tees and tanks that range in price between $6-12 and that are cute (but not too cutesy), trendy and wash well, they’re a fast favourite. They’re always soft, and often feature a combination of fabrics in the… Read More »

6 Ways to Protect Babies + Toddlers from the Sun

Kidco Peapod Sun Protection buybuy BABY

As a parent, there are very few things that I could be considered ‘helicopter parent’ about, but sun protection is one of those things. From sunscreen to gear and products for infants too young to wear sunscreen, we’re diligent with sun protection. Here are some of the ‘gear’ that can help to protect your little ones from the sun: Kidco Peapod | For the littlest ones that… Read More »

If You’re Going to Judge Your Friends, At Least Don’t Admit it

Messy House

Until about six months ago, I hadn’t found the elusive balance that comes with working from home, full time, while parenting. Something had to give, right? I mean, working, taking care of the kids, teaching them things, playing with them, spending time with them, and keeping the house clean – you can’t do it all. You just can’t. People who aren’t parents don’t get it. Well, some… Read More »

What if Your Kid’s Library Had Empty Shelves?


For me, a love of reading came from the school library, devouring as many books as I could—and it’s like that for a lot of children. The school library is the foundation of not only a love of reading, but helps to develop the curiosity and sense of adventure in children. Books have a big part in the development of child’s overall growth, helping young… Read More »

Toopy and Binoo are Coming to Town with ‘Fun and Games’

unnamed (2)

On the heels of two highly successful national tours, BFFs Toopy and Binoo have announced a return to the live stage for an all-new 50-city national tour, presents Toopy and Binoo: Fun and Games, their wackiest and most interactive adventure yet. The dynamic duo Toopy and Binoo plus the energetic boot stomping Dusteroos and limbo-loving sheep begin their new quest to find the best… Read More »

I’ve Been Breaking My One Rule #PGMom


If there’s one rule around here for the adults, it’s ‘you don’t go to bed without everything being tidy’. You fill the dishwasher, you wipe off the counters, you tidy the living room and make sure to get rid of the crap that ends up on the kitchen table. Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products… Read More »

Lunchbox: Healthier Banana Muffins

Healthier Banana Muffins

Sunday night comes with meal planning, not only for the dinners during the week – but for the lunches. Banana muffins are a favourite around here, but they usually come with the request of at least a cup of white sugar added into the batter. This version uses maple syrup, rather than the sugar, and are just as sweet as other recipes. ⅓ cup melted… Read More »

Thai Food and Pregnancy Dreams

Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

Last night’s dream: Olivia and I were going to Thailand – which is a trip I probably wouldn’t go on without the adultier adult (Jamie). We were on the airplane, and we were eating, and then the bill came for the food but I had lost my wallet. Arriving at the airport, I lost the passports. There was a woman on the plane, who we were chatting with about… Read More »

Parenting: Mom-Guilted Into Recycling (better)

Mom Guilted into Recycling

I am an okay-recycler. Sometimes. Most of the Costco two cases of Costco water bottles that come home with us from the store every week get recycled. Most of them get tossed in the blue bags in the garage for the fundraising kids to clear out when they come around the neighbourhood a couple  of times a season. But, I’ll toss the occasional straw in the trash…. Read More »